2012 Teacher Leadership Academy



Building a Bridge to the Common Core Standards

Kick-off Saturday, March 10

Summer Residential Institute June 11-21

Follow-up Saturday, October 6

The Chico Mathematics Project is proud to announce the 2012 Teacher Leadership Academy. This year we are partnering with the Butte County Office of Education to bring you an institute focused on the new California Common Core Standards. We view the new standards as a challenge and an opportunity, and would like to help our region’s teachers and administrators better understand implications of these standards. 

Key questions we will be exploring include: What are the Standards for Mathematical Practices and what do they say about the way we teach mathematics?

  • How are the new content standards different from the current California content standards?
  • How are they related to what we teach?
  • How will these new standards be implemented, and how will they be assessed?

Together, we will answer these questions (and others!) in Building a Bridge to the Common Core Standards. Of course, it would not be a CMP event if we didn’t also engage in a lot of challenging, relevant, and fun mathematics!

Three major goals of our academy are:

  1. Provide participants with knowledge to bring back to their sites.
  2. Become energized, seeing the CCS as an opportunity for positive change.
  3. Find ways to start a change in the culture and practice of teaching so as to better serve our students.

We will meet for the first time on Saturday, March 10. This will be followed by a reading group with online discussion. This will allow all of us to become more familiar with the CCS and each other so that when we meet in the summer, June 11-15 and June 18-21, we can hit the ground running. Generally the days will run from 8:00 to 4:00, though we may extend one day in the summer. Lodging is available upon request for those who will have difficulty with a commute. Continental breakfast and lunches will be provided. We will come back together for the Mt. Lassen Mathematics Council (MLMC) Conference on October 6, 2012. Our hope is that participants will identify a leadership role they are comfortable taking on in the coming year, including possibly co-presenting at MLMC.

Participants will not only gain this valuable experience, but we will provide continental breakfast and lunches on workshop days. Also, housing will be provided to those who have a demonstrated need. Finally, participants will be offered a $1000 stipend in recognition of their work and time.

If you are excited by this opportunity, please submit an application by February 10th.  We are looking for a diverse group of current and future K-12 teacher leaders to fill the academy.  We hope you will encourage both new and experienced teachers to apply. We have created a flier that you can distribute. Participants will be selected and notified soon after the deadline for submissions.

Related links:

There is a great deal of work going on with regards to the Common Core Standards. Below we have provided some links that you may find interesting and helpful.

The California Department of Education has posted the California Common Core Standards:  http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cc/

The California Mathematics Council  has a number of links and resources: http://www.cmc-math.org/resources/main.html

The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium is working on an assessment for the CCS: http://www.k12.wa.us/smarter/

Inside Mathematics is a professional resource for educators that has, among other things, videos of innovative instruction: http://www.insidemathematics.org/

The Hunt Institute has some background information on the CCS: http://www.hunt-institute.org/knowledge-library/articles/2010-4-28/background-information-on-common-core-standards/

The Illustrative Mathematics Project is in the process of building a library of tasks that demonstrate each of CCS the content standards: http://illustrativemathematics.org/