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Other Professional Development Opportunities

Yale-Lynn Hall Teacher Action Research Prize! – Submissions due February 3st:  The Yale School of Management Education Club is pleased to announce the 3nd Annual Yale-Lynn Hall Teacher Action Research Prize in 2012. Tell us about how you try to better reach and engage your students. What change did you make? How do you know it worked? Interventions can be over a few weeks or a unit; they need not be a long or formal experiment.  Opportunity to receive $1000 plus, complimentary conference registration, a travel stipend, etc.  For additional information go to:

NASA Summer of Innovation Consider applying for the 2012 Summer of Innovation (SoI), an intensive STEM teaching and learning program that targets middle school students and middle school teachers. For more information, click here:

SSP Fellows Program:  The SSP Fellows 2011 application period is now open. This is your chance to be one of ten high school teachers competitively selected from across the country. The SSP Fellows Program provides funds and training to selected U.S. science and math teachers who serve under-resourced students, to enable interested and motivated students to perform high-quality independent scientific research. For more information, click here:

T-Bar Grant:  These are grants for 3-5 teachers at a school to write to enhance their Professional Development. The state is divided into four regions, and two of the regions (T-BAR at UCLA and UC Davis) had a competition last year. You can go to their websites to see what projects were funded. This year, every region in the state is covered, so teachers from your sites can apply. The deadlines vary but are generally in January or early February. Go to:

Assessment Information

From these links you can obtain assessment information from SAT-9 to high school performance on college entry mathematics tests.

  • California High School Exit Exam 
    Find out the latest information regarding the High School Exit Exam. Questions from last year's test are available here.
  • CSU Entry Level Math Test (ELM)
    This is the home page for the California State University's entry level math test. Find out who must take the test and when the test will be administered.
  • Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project
    The MDTP tests are available free to teachers. They can provide help to determine a students readiness for courses from algebra to calculus.
  • SAT home page
    The is the home page for the SAT college entrance tests. Register online and find sample tests at this site.
  • STAR Program/SAT-9
    Here is where you can find out the latest information about STAR. Also, previous test results may be accessed from this home page.

Professional Mathematics Organizations

Here are the main professional mathematics organizations for teachers at the state and national levels.

  • California Mathematics Council 
    This is the homepage for the statewide affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • California Mathematics Project
    This is the home page of the statewide California Mathematics Project. Here there are links to all of the existing regional sites of the California Mathematics Project.
  • California Subject Matter Projects
    The California Subject Matter Projects sponsor many conferences and programs for teachers. Come see the extensive list at this site. Online registration is available.
  • Chico Mathematics Project
    The Chico Mathematics Project, located in northern California, offers many opportunities for teacher growth and continuing education. Come see the exciting new offerings!
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    From this site, educators can access professional readings in mathematics as well as information about regional and national conferences.

State Agencies

This site lists the Mathematics Content Standards as well as ways to contact state agencies.