K-12 Teacher Programs

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) is dedicated to the improvement of mathematics and science teaching at all levels. Recognizing that the K-12 community and the University can enhance each other’s knowledge in this domain, CMSE provides numerous opportunities for this collaboration to occur.

At the heart of programs for all teachers interested in science teaching is the California Science Project of Inland Northern California (CSP-INC). Similarly, the Chico Mathematics Project (CMP) serves in that capacity for mathematics teachers. Both offer extensive opportunities for teachers during the academic year as well as a variety of summer programs.

In addition to the programs that are part of CSP-INC and CMP, CMSE sponsors and coordinates many other programs for teachers. These include summer institutes on specific topics, collaborations with middle and high school teachers in sciences and mathematics, planetarium workshops, mathematics education seminars, consulting services, and summer intern research opportunities.