Project MATH

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Mathematics and Teaching on the Horizon

This program builds on CSU, Chico’s long tradition of innovation in the preparation of teachers. In fact, we think you will find that few, if any universities offer prospective mathematics teachers the type of opportunities provided by Project MATH

Students are guaranteed housing in the premier on-campus housing unit, Konkow Residence Hall. In their freshman and sophomore year, they participate in a bi-weekly seminar were they work with mentor teachers to begin their transition from a students of mathematics to a teacher of mathematics.

Currently, Project MATH students are working as tutors and mentors at Chico High School. As juniors, students take two mathematics classes designed specifically for future mathematics teachers. In the senior year, they have the opportunity to team teach a remedial mathematics course under the supervision of a faculty member. At the end of four years, students graduate not only with a degree in mathematics, but also with a wealth of experience that prepares them to be the best teacher they can be.

All Project MATH students are eligible for teacher recruitment scholarships. 

Program Features:

  • Guaranteed apartment-style housing in Konkow Residence Hall during freshman year
  • Experiences in public schools throughout their undergraduate careers
  • In-house tutoring in calculus and other course as necessary
  • Seminars in math education
  • Mentoring by secondary math teachers and math faculty members
  • Paid tutoring positions at middle and high schools
  • Math education conferences and workshops
  • Math related field trips
  • Outreach to middle and high school students via a web-based problem contest
  • Paid internships ($1,500/semester) during senior year