2014 Programs

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CSP Summer Programs 2014

CSP Institute Leadership/Common Core - NGSS & ELA - June 23 - 26, 2014

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This institute will provide you with tools to assist your school site and district in implemeting the Next Generation Science Standards in an effective and efficient manner, integrating the NGSS with Common Core Standards.  All three dimensions of the NGSS will be addressed with the emphasis on the Scientific and Engineering Practices, and the Performance Expectations.

This CSP program includes two summers and academic year activities.  Foci include:

• Next Generation Science Standards

• Common Core English Language Arts

• English Language Developmen through the Sciences

• STEM Connections for Real World Applications

Program Features:

     … stipends each year for summer completion

     … stipend for academic year 2014/2015 activities

     … continuing education credits available

     … registration fee (some scholarships available)

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Please see program details and email Dr. Marcum if you are interested in these programs at bmarcum@csuchico.edu