Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion


CNAP Vision, Mission, and Strategic Prorities



The Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion values and helps create healthy and livable communities.


The Center for Nutrition & Activity Promotion is a leader in nutrition education, food security, and physical activity programs and policies addressing the needs of diverse populations locally, regionally, and internationally. CNAP provides the infrastructure and coordination of shared resources for interdisciplinary student-faculty-staff research and opportunities for civic engagement and service learning in our communities.

Strategic Priorities

  • Valuing the promotion of optimal health, we enhance healthy eating and active living practices and policies via civic partnerships, research, program development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Valuing environmental sustainability as a way of living, we identify, implement, and evaluate stewardship activities to support healthy eating and active living.
  • Valuing personal, professional, and community development, we promote excellence in faculty, staff, and community partnerships.
  • Valuing CSUC students as leaders of tomorrow, CNAP provides opportunities for interdisciplinary service learning, civic engagement, and research to serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of communities.
  • Valuing policy and environmental strategies as catalysts for long lasting change, we advocate for systems, organizational, and point of decision changes to help achieve healthful life practices.