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Fit Thru 5

BlueberriesOur Vision

Our connected community lives active lifestyles, enjoys local foods, and grows healthy children.

Our Mission

The Fit thru 5 Collaborative strengthens each partner’s work by networking and sharingstrategies to connect families, caregivers, and health care professionals with resources to grow healthy children.

Butte County Fit thru 5 is a collaborative comprised of community partners dedicated to enhancing opportunities for healthy active living for young children in Butte County.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic in our society and turning it around requires action from all angles. This collaborative brings together child care providers, educators, health care providers, home visitors, social workers, community based programs, parents, community members, and anyone else concerned about our children’s future.

  • Establish an avenue for communication on the issue of childhood obesity
  • Develop a collaborative action plan to collectively address childhood obesity
  • Collaborate on nutrition- and physical activity-related campaigns and outreach events
  • Create organizational change to enhance healthy eating and activity practices and environments for young children and their families
  • Share nutrition and physical activity resources, best practices, legislative updates, funding alerts, and upcoming events and trainings

Featured Resources

Community Resource Guides

Its never to early to introduce children to healthy eating and active play and Butte County is a gold mine for healthy family fun. We have done our best to compile the many resources available in our community. Check out our resource guides to find something healthy for the family whether it's visiting a local farmers' market, taking baby and me class, or simply visiting a community pool.

Chico Resource Guide (PDF, DOC)

Gridley Resource Guide (PDF, DOC)

Oroville Resource Guide (PDF, DOC)

Paradise Resource Guide (PDF, DOC)