Center for Nutrition and Activity Promotion



CNAP is the umbrella organization for all of the following nutrition and physical activity promotion programs:

Sierra Cascade Nutrition and Activity Consortium (SCNAC)

Dancing veggiesSCNAC promotes diet and physical activity behavior change in Northern California via education programs with a focus on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity and participation in government nutrition assistance programs.

OPT for Healthy Living

Cooking demoOPT For Healthy Living is a comprehensive lifestyle change program designed specifically for children and their families. OPT guides families in making changes in nutrition, activity, lifestyle, and attitudes that promote fitness and the achievement and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Fit Thru 5

Soccer kidsButte County Fit thru 5 is a collaborative comprised of community partners dedicated to enhancing opportunities for healthy active living for young children in Butte County. Fit thru 5 strengthens each partner’s work by networking and sharing strategies to connect families, caregivers, and health care professionals with resources to grow healthy children.

CalFresh Outreach

Calfresh OutreachThe CalFresh Outreach program is a USDA funded project aimed at increasing participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). For a good introduction watch the short 30th Anniversary film "Making America Stronger" produced by the U.S. Food Stamp Program. To find out if you--or someone you know--may be eligible for CalFresh, use this pre-screening tool. For additional information, please refer to the CalFresh Fact sheet here.

Other Programs