Eating Fresh and Easy

When it comes to fruits and veggies, fresh is best for taste and nutrients.  If you're looking to vamp up your child's diet, focus on incorporating more of the good things like fresh fruits and vegetables.  the not-so-healthy choices will begin to phase out.  

If you're concerned about your child's snack choices, one simple remedy is to provide snacks that don't come in a wrapper.  For instance, carrot sticks with dip, apples and peanut butter, and  rice cakes.

You can also get children involved in the food choices and preparation which will surely entice even the pickiest of mouths. 
Try giving children choices.  For instance, "I need you help picking out a red fruit for our snack, should we get apples or strawberries."  Even better, if you can get your children involved in the growing of food, they won't be able to resist tasting their own harvest.

For more tools and tips on feeding young children, check out the websites to your right.


Helpful Websites

Champions for Change

Change is good. Healthy eating and active living are starting to happen in families and communities everywhere. It is not always easy but we are making it happen. And so can you.

Meals Matter- Healthy Meal Planning Made Simple
This website helps you establish a pattern of healthy food choices each week by providing a range of features to make planning healthy meals easier.  This site includes nutrition articles, recipes, personalized cookbooks and shopping lists, as well as a meal planner to help plan your meals over time. 

MyPyramid for Preschoolers

Use MyPyramid to help your preschooler eat well, be active, and be healthy.

Kid’s Health- Healthy Eating 
Whether you have a toddler or a teen, here are five of the best strategies to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

parents are a child’s best role models. So, the best place for kids to learn healthy habits is at home. Each day, you can do little things that can affect your child’s health in a big way