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Farmer of the Month

The Farmer of the Month is an informational newsletter about the farmers who grow the Harvest of the Month produce for students to taste each month. This newsletter is delivered to teachers enabling them to talk about the Farmer of the Month with their class as they enjoy the fruit or vegetable. Our goal is to help students understand how their food travels from the farm to their finger tips. We strive to honor and celebrate local farmers to connect children with the people at the front line of our food supply. We hope that the students will encourage their families to take them to the farmers' market, seek out the Farmers of the Month, and purchase fruits and vegetables during the peak of their season.


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Farmer of the Month Newsletter

Issue Farmer Newsletter
4/2013 Brian Marshall and Nancy Heinzel from Sawmill Creek Farms (Peppers) PDF
2/2013 Bill Clarke (Grapefruit) PDF
1/2013 Michael Shaw of GRUB CSA Farm (Beans) PDF
11/2012 Bryan Howard (Apples) PDF
10/2012 The Dhillon brothers (Grapes) PDF
9/2012 Debbie and Mike Ariza (Cucumbers) PDF


Issue Farmer Newsletter
9/2011 James, Kathy, Julia, Jayne, and Jordan Brandt from Julia's Fruit Stand (tomatoes) PDF
9/2010 Brian Marshall and Nancy Heinzel from Sawmill Creek Farms (cucumbers) PDF
5/2010 Steve & Laura French from French Orchards (berries) PDF
4/2010 Kalen & Carn Redwood (bean) PDF
3/2010 Rob and Holly Montgomery (greens) PDF
2/2010 Bill Clarke (grapefruit) PDF
1/2010 Lou and Lola Lodigiani from Tri-L Mandarin Ranch (mandarins) PDF
12/2009 Chertong, Xue Moua and Mee Yang (jicama) PDF
11/2009 Denis Biro from Biro Farm (peppers) PDF
10/2009 Lee Callendar from GRUB Cooperative (zucchini) PDF
9/2009 Bryan Howard (apples)
5/2009 Bob and Marcia White (cherries) PDF
4/2009 Jim Jerkovich from Victoria Island Farm (asparagus) PDF
3/2009 Patrick and Chue Yang (peas) PDF
2/2009 Dieckmann family (cabbage) PDF
1/2009 Ryan Sale (prunes) PDF
11/2008 Sean and Forough Molina (persimmons) PDF
10/2008 Mike Wiedeman (winter squash) PDF
9/2008 James, Kathy, Julia, Jayne, and Jordon Brandt from Julia’s Fruit Stand (tomatoes) PDF
4/2008 Matthew Martin from Pyramid Farms (carrots) PDF
3/2008 Rob Montgomery (spinach) PDF
2/2008 Richard and Paula Kelso from Kelso Black Gold Ranch (oranges) PDF
1/2008 Debbie Ariza from Debbie Ariza Farm (kiwi) PDF

Farmer in the Classroom

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