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Professional Consulting Program

Jeff Gao, 25, (right) listen to representatives from the company Cintas speak to the Professional Consulting Program during their Organizational Consulting class (MGMT 488) on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 in Chico, Calif.  (Jason Halley/University Photographer)
 The Professional Consulting Program offers something for everyone, serving students, corporate partners, and organizational clients.


  • We prepare students for dynamic consulting careers with our certificate program in professional consulting

  • We offer corporate partners a great inside track for accessing some of our best future employees through classroom interactions and extra-curricular activities. 

  • We offer organizational clients the opportunity to access our competitive Student Consultant Groups for innovative approaches to addressing challenges in today’s workplace.  

Professional Consulting Certificate
Professional Consulting Certificate

Students seeking an exciting career in professional consulting will gain invaluable support in attaining their career goals by complementing their major with a 21-unit Professional Consulting Certificate. The certificate program is open to all students from any discipline seeking knowledge and practical experience in professional consulting.



Clubs & Organizations

Get involved with one or more student organizations offered under the College of Business. It's the perfect way to make friends who share your interests, develop professionaly through contact with executive guest speakers, and grow your leadership skills. 



Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners enjoy the inside track to sourcing our best students and supporting the highest quality programming for the Professional Consulting Program. Opportunities for participation include programmatic grants, class projects, Advisory Board involvement, and mentorships, among others.



Organizational Clients

Organizations seeking innovative solutions may benefit from hiring our student consultant groups. Our faculty will work with you to clearly define your project and advertise it to our student teams. The team you select will work around the clock under the supervision of our faculty to meet your needs and offer you with creative, cutting edge solutions at a reasonable cost. Please contact Suzanne Zivnuska at szivnuska@csuchico.edu or 530-898-5663 for more information.