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Degree Program in Redding

Shasta college in Redding, CA

CSU, Chico College of Business is excited to offer the Management option for Business Administration majors to students in the Redding area at the Shasta College University Center in downtown Redding, California. Students transferring into the Chico State College of Business can complete their business administration degree without traveling to Chico, if they specialize in the management option. Students interested in other business administration options can also take the upper division business core classes in Redding. This allows us to give more opportunities to students and better serve the North State, which is a key University priority. The College of Business must provide quality programs that continiously improve - part of our AACSB accreditation standard. 



Full-time or part-time students will have equal ease in progressing to graduation each semester. Students may take up to five courses every semester, which would guarantee graduation within two years. Students also have the capability of taking as few as one course each semester, ensuring our students are able to set the pace according to their needs. 

Guaranteed Schedule and Courses

Our late-afternoon and evening courses (5:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday) enables working adults to join our program, and more traditional students have access to courses at convenient times. Our courses have high-impact classroom methods that allow hands-on community based problem-solving and projects. Over 50 percent of total class time is face-to-face, and community-based internships are built into the program to help students succeed post-graduation. 

Redding Management Option Program
Fall - Semester 1 Spring - Semester 2 Fall - Semester 3 Spring - Semester 4
*BADM 300 *MGMT 304 MGMT 442 MGMT 447
*MINS 301 (online) *FINA 307 MGMT 444 MGMT 460
*MGMT 303 BLAW 413 MGMT 443 *BADM 495
*MKTG 305 MGMT 450 MGMT 470 (online) GE #3
*OSCM 306 GE #1 GE #2 Internship

*COB Upper Division Core

Redding Community Benefits

Each semester the program will provide two opportunities for course-based projects designed to deliver value to the Redding community, local businesses, and organizations. Our program will serve as the seed to develop high quality bachelor degree programs that suit the developing needs of the Redding community.

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