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Prerequisites to the Masters of Business Administration Program

New Streamlined Prerequisites for the MBA Program!

Are you a nonbusiness major who would like to pursue a MBA?

Our new prerequisite requirements have been streamlined to allow nonbusiness majors quicker access to our MBA curriculum. Students are not required to have all of these prerequisites completed before being admitted to the program, and students can begin taking some graduate courses before all of these are completed to allow quicker progression through the program.

What prerequisite courses do we have for our MBA program?

  • ACCT 201 - Introduction to Financial Accounting or equivalent
  • ACCT 202 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting or equivalent (Prerequisite: ACCT 201)
  • MATH 105/108 - Statistics of Business & Econ or equivalent
  • ECON 103 - Principles of Microeconomics Analysis or equivalent
  • MKTG 305 - Survey of Marketing or equivalent
  • FINA 307 - Survey of Finance or equivalent

To make things even more efficient and effective for you, MATH 105/108, ECON 103, MKTG 305, and FIN 307 requirements can be fulfilled by enrolling in the online, self-paced leveling courses offered by Peregrine Academic Services. Leveling courses are meant to give nonbusiness majors the basic information they need to succeed in our graduate courses. These online courses can save you time and money. More information about the Peregrine Academic Services leveling courses can be found with these frequently asked questions.

Students with recent baccalaureates in business normally have met all prerequisites for graduate study in business.

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