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Business Student Success Center

Students using the business student success center for their tutoring sessions.

The College of Business is committed to supporting students in their efforts to learn, graduate, and succeed. Toward that end, we complement student success services on campus with customized tutoring in five challenging business subject areas and career development opportunities for all students.

Students studying in the business student success center

Business Tutoring Services

Tutors provide assistance outside the classroom at no cost to our students. Difficult subjects often require hands-on help, and our tutors are ready to offer guidance. Our collaboration with the campus Student Learning Center has provided professional training for our tutors and many insights on the entire tutoring process. 



Students talking in a classroom
Professional Development Workshops

The Business Student Success Center offers a variety of workshops designed to provide students with important opportunities that aid in their personal and professional development. These workshops create a welcoming environment within the college, provide programming for students to pursue and reflect on their experiences, and encourage students to explore and become involved in curricular and co-curricular activities on campus and in the community. 


Special Activity Club Grant

We value the experience students get while being part of a student organization. There are a variety of ways to fund their activities, including fundraising, membership fees, and Instructional Related Activity grants. However, occasionally student organizations need a little extra support to add additional value to their members’ co-curricular resume, or desire to embark on a larger, cross-club activity that benefits members from a variety of COB clubs.


Professional Attire Fund

If you are getting ready to interview for a job, an internship, or need professional attire for professional events or conferences, let us know if we can help with the purchase. We want you to look your best! The professional attire fund is dedicated to helping low-income students make a positive first impression during the interview process. 



Lunch Connections

Want to build a stronger connection with one of your professors? Wouldn't it be nice to learn a bit more about your professor's background and how they have achieved their success? Not only can Lunch Connections help provide the answers, but lunch is on us!