CSU, Chico College Portrait

Welcome from the President

This College Portrait will introduce you to the world of one of the finest universities in the nation. But there is so much more to it than what these web pages will tell you about our programs, events, and services. In particular, let me share with you some thoughts on the spirit of this university, for that is truly what makes us distinctive and worthy of your participation in our community. 

The spirit of inquiry.

The spirit that most animates us is the spirit of inquiry, that is, the quest to discover truth and something about ourselves in the process. This spirit flows from our faculty who have cutting edge familiarity and engagement in their disciplines and who, most importantly, bring this currency to bear in their teaching. The women and men of our faculty understand, in particular, that teaching excellence derives as much from mastery of an academic area as it does from the ability to generate imagination, trust, and enthusiasm among their students.  No less so, they are supported by an experienced and dedicated staff who know that student learning and student success is defined by the quality of their experiences both in and outside the classroom. 

The spirit of community.

The hallmarks of a good community - a connected sense of purpose, shared values, and a common outlook - clearly define our work together. No values are higher in this regard than academic excellence, integrity, and civility. Combined with openness and a genuine respect for different viewpoints and cultures, we share expectations of high standards for the way we work and learn together, and the way we care for one another. We aim not only to stimulate intellectual achievement, but also those qualities of compassion and kindness that stand for the largeness of the human spirit. 

The spirit of service.

We recognize and accept the responsibilities of being an engaged citizen in the life of our local community and the larger twelve-county service region of the North State of California. From preparing teachers to protecting watersheds, promoting economic development to supporting archaeological research, our faculty have enabled the university to be a positive force in the communities we touch and serve. The same is true for our students. Through such organizations as the Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE), the Community Legal Information Center (CLIC), and dozens more, Chico State students provide invaluable services and experience firsthand the rewards of giving back and paying forward. We as a university are effectively balancing theory and practice and providing our students with innumerable opportunities to learn through doing and serving. 

The spirit of place.

Located in a true campus town, Chico State enjoys a seamless relationship between one of the most livable cities in California and a campus unmatched for its natural beauty. Chico Creek, flowing out of the Sierra foothills and through Bidwell Park, one of the largest urban parks in the nation, winds its way through the campus, arched by several picturesque bridges and bordered by magnificent tall trees and gardens.  As distinctive as the harmony between the natural and built environments of the campus, we are guided by a keen sense of our past and the guidance it provides for our future. Indeed, our motto, "Today Decides Tomorrow," emphasizes that we are a university with a profound sense of place and purpose.

We are a university of many spirits, but one purpose - to be a living and learning community worthy of the trust that our students and the people of California have placed in us. Welcome to Chico State!