CSU, Chico Commencement

Code of Conduct & Safety Precautions

Although CSU, Chico does not anticipate any security problems during commencement, we take special measures to ensure the safety of graduates, faculty, and guests at the ceremonies. Please observe the following for the commencement activities:

Student Code of Conduct

Graduating students who intend to walk in the Commencement ceremonies will have to agree to abide by the Commencement Code of Conduct when they register to participate in the ceremonies.

I agree I will:

  • Remain seated in my chair unless instructed otherwise
  • Not leave until the ceremony is completed and the platform party has departed the stadium
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance
  • Not be disrespectful to the Commencement speakers, administration, faculty, staff, event volunteers, or fellow students
  • Not bring alcohol, drugs, or distracting objects into the seating area

There is a zero-tolerance policy at commencement for alcohol and drugs. Students and guests determined to be impaired will be removed from commencement.

Student Identification

Students must bring their Wildcat Identification Card with them to Commencement.

Academic Regalia

Only approved regalia may be worn at commencement. Apparel deemed inappropriate may be confiscated.

Prohibited Materials

The following materials are prohibited in University Stadium: Pets (Service Animals excepted), Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, and Glass Containers.

Please do not bring items that block the view or disturb the enjoyment of other students or guests. These include large signs, poles, flags, balloons, umbrellas, artificial noisemakers, air horns or megaphones.

Smoking is not allowed in University Stadium.

While backpacks, bags, and large purses are allowed, they may be subject to search.

Animals at Commencement

While we allow guests who utilize service animals to bring their important companions to commencement, it is inappropriate for animals not trained to deal with large crowds, noise, and confusion to be part of the celebration. Animals are NOT allowed at commencement, except SERVICE ANIMALS required to perform tasks for persons with disabilities. If you have any questions, please contact the Chico State ADA Coordinator at (530) 898-5959. California State Law prohibits leaving an animal inside a confined vehicle, so for the safety and comfort of the animals and our guests, it is important that pets be left at home. We're sorry, but guests who insist on bringing pets to the ceremonies will be asked to leave immediately. No exceptions will be made for graduates or guests.

Student Staging Area

Only students will be allowed in the staging area (the grass field in between University and Nettleton Stadiums). Students will need to show their student identification to gain entry into the staging area.

Photography & Videography

While photography and videotaping of the ceremony is permissible, please do not block the view of others. Photographers may not enter the graduates seating area or the elderly and disabled seating area.

Elderly & Disabled Seating Area

Limited ground-level seating is available on both sides of the stadium for guests who cannot safely navigate the risers on bleacher seating due to a disability or other mobility limitations, there is limited ground level seating. One person may accompany the guest with the disability. (Both guests need tickets to enter the stadium) Other family members are advised to arrive early for choice seating in both the bleachers and ground-level seating. Please know the special seating area also gets filled up and crowded.

These policies are subject to change without notice.