CSU, Chico Commencement

Before the Ceremonies

Apply for Graduation

As a graduating senior you will have to apply for graduation.

Register to Participate in Commencement Ceremonies

Graduating students who intend to participate in the Spring ceremonies will have to agree to abide by the Commencement Code of Conduct when they register to participate in the ceremonies:

I agree I will: Remain seated in my chair unless instructed otherwise; Not leave until the ceremony is completed and the platform party has departed the stadium; Not be under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance; not be disrespectful to the Commencement speakers, administration, faculty, staff, event volunteers, or fellow students; not bring alcohol, drugs, or distracting objects into the seating area.

To participate in Commencement Ceremonies, you must register to walk. To participate in the additional special ceremonies, contact the person designated for that particular celebration. You will not be able to register online to participate in those celebrations.


Please visit the ticket page for information.


GradFest will be held in the BMU. Dates will be announced on the Commencement homepage. Items available through the Wildcat Store or online include graduation announcements, class rings, diploma holders, and diploma frames. You will also be able to join the Alumni Association, receive information about graduation photos, and insurance (health, dental, vision, auto, home).

Cap and Gown Rental

  • Caps and gowns may be pre-ordered through Herff Jones at this website. Dates for pre-orders will be announced on the Commencement homepage.
  • If you miss the pre-order deadline, the Wildcat Store will have cap and gown rentals available. Dates will be announced on the Commencement homepage.
  • If you have questions about cap and gown rentals - contact the Wildcat Store: 530-898-5222

Ceremony Attire

Candidates must wear proper academic regalia in the Commencement Ceremonies. This includes a cap, gown, tassel, and a red stole. 

The cap and gown are black. Tassels vary in color according to majors. The tassel is worn on the right side of the cap until the degree has been awarded. It is then changed to the left side. Please be aware that high heel shoes make walking difficult on the grassy areas at the staging area and in the stadium. Heels may sink into the grass. You will spend the majority of the time walking on grass.

Be sure to check that everything you need—cap, gown, tassel, and stole—is included before you leave the Wildcat Store. You may decorate your cap. Please do not alter your academic regalia. Students who alter their regalia or are not dressed in appropriate academic regalia risk not being able to participate in commencement.

Honors Medallions

If you are eligible to receive an honors medallion you will be notified by the dean of your college prior to commencement. Please contact the dean's office of your college for more information.

Pre-order Your Graduation Photos

Your photograph will be taken by GradImages photography three times during the ceremony, twice before you walk on stage, and once as you shake the hand of your college dean and accept your diploma cover. You can pre-register for your photo proofs at GradImages.

Order your Class Rings!

Order your Chico State class ring at Jostens.