The invention of the printing press was one of the most important events in human history.
Ha-Joon Chang

Services Available

Binding Comb, spiral, and wire (includes vinyl covers)
Copying Black and white, color, basic or high resolution, up to 11”x17”, full-service and self-service
Faxing Send and receive (no international), (530) 898-4276 - We can receive faxes during business hours only.
Laminating Card, sheet (letter or legal size), or 27” roll lamination
Posters Up to 24" x 36" full color printing - Student prints are 50% off! (does not apply to organizations or staff)

Posters and Banners

Orders taken from non-students (faculty/staff/others) for large posters, banners, mounting, and finishing created at PGL

Printing Print from computer files up to 11”x17” - PDF files are best, however we can print from most popular file formats
Resume Printing Wide selection of specialty papers available
Scanning Scanning (price depends on how many pages/level of difficulty) * We have 2 self-serve scanning stations at no charge!
Software Available Microsoft Office and Publisher, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Supplies Wide selection of paper, green books, pencils, pens, Scantrons, CD-Rs, DVDs, USB flash drives, etc.
Transparencies Copy and print black & white and color for overhead projector transparencies (we provide materials)
Video Duplication VHS, CD, DVD transfer and duplication

We provide the use of staplers, paper cutters and trimmers, hole punches, tape, and glue for your convenience when working on projects.