Faculty and Staff


Chair:  Sarah Pike

Administrative Support Coordinator: Shereen Baker


Sara Abrams, MA Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder; Master's in Hebrew Letters, Hebrew Union College

Vanessa Avery, PhD The University of Exeter UK

Lee Gilmore, PhD Graduate Theological Union

Jason Clower, PhD Harvard University

Gregory Cootsona, PhD Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Sarah Gagnebin, MA Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Bruce Grelle, PhD University of Chicago

Micki Lennon, PhD (ABD) Indiana University

Tom Parker, PhD Syracuse University

Sarah Pike, PhD Indiana University

Daniel Veidlinger, PhD University of Chicago

Jed Wyrick, PhD Harvard University

Joel Zimbelman, PhD University of Virginia

Affiliated Faculty

Susanna Boxall, MA California State University, Chico

Kate McCarthy, PhD Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Emeritus Faculty

James Karman, PhD Syracuse University
John Bash, PhD Yale University
Shigeo Kanda
, PhD Claremont Graduate School
George Williams
, PhD University of Iowa
Donald Heinz
, PhD Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

Retired Faculty

James Douglas Anderson, EdD Harvard University