Daniel Veidlinger

Daniel Veidlinger

PhD University of Chicago
ARTS 393

My training is in the texts and practices of South and Southeast Asian religions, in particular Buddhism and Hinduism. I am interested in studying and teaching these religions from historical, sociological and philosophical perspectives, with the aim of providing a rich understanding of these traditions that is ever more important in today's world. My previous research has focused on the roles that different communications media played in the formulation and transmission of religious texts and ideas in Asia. Currently, I am extending this study to encompass the role of modern mass media such as radio and the Internet in propagating Buddhist ideas around the world. I am particularly interested in examining the parallels between the rapid spread of Buddhism along the main communication route of the ancient world, the Silk Road, and the modern information highway, the World Wide Web.

My teaching responsibilities include RS 110 Asian Religion, RS 213 Buddhism and RS 212 Hinduism and RS 332 World Religions and Global Issues. I have also taught the RS seminar on topics such as Asceticism and Mysticism.


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