The syllabi listed below are the most recent versions taught in the department. In some cases where more than one faculty member teach a course, several syllabi may be available.  Please contact faculty directly for more information.

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Course ID Course Title Syllabi
RELS 100 Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Lennon, Patricia

RELS 110 Asian Religions

Clower, Jason

RELS 180 Introduction to Religion Heinz, Don
RELS 202 Islam and the World Yousefi, Najm
RELS 204I Judaism and the Minority Experience

Wyrick, Jed

RELS 205 Jews, Muslims, and the West

Wyrick, Jed

RELS 212 Religions of India Veidlinger, Daniel
RELS 224 Religion and America's Ethnic Minorities Lennon, Patricia
RELS 241 Science and Religion Cootsona, Greg
RELS 247 Religion, Ethics, & Ecology

Grelle, Bruce

RELS 264 Dying, Death, and Afterlife Gangebin, Sarah

Heinz, Don

RELS 275I Women and Religion Boxall, Susanna
RELS 281 Library Research Methods in CORH Wyrick, Jed
RELS 301 Greek Myth and Ritual Wyrick, Jed
RELS 302 Muhammad and the Qur'an Yousefi, Najm
RELS 310 Chinese Religion

Clower, Jason

RELS 313 Buddhism

Veidlinger, Daniel

RELS 322 Religion in America Lennon, Patricia
RELS 332 World Religions and Global Issues

Veidlinger, Daniel
Parker, Thomas

RELS 348 Jesus, Buddha, and Marx: A Study in Comparative Ethics Grelle, Bruce
RELS 357I End of the World Lennon, Patricia
RELS 358 Religion in American Public Schools Grelle, Bruce
RELS 364 CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien: Theology and Myth Wyrick, Jed
RELS 365 Religion and Film Clower, Jason
RELS 480 Theories and Criticisms of Religion Grelle, Bruce
RELS 482

Seminar in Religious Studies

  • Mysticism in Cross-Cultural Perspective (Fall 2014)

Veidlinger, Daniel