Graduate School

Some, but not all of the students who graduate in religious studies go on to do some further education; either in a masters or doctorate program in religion or (more frequently) one or two additional years of graduate level work in some other field. Graduate study can allow you to pursue in greater depth your interests developed as an undergraduate or allow you to better prepare for a career. If you are thinking about graduate school, the following links should help you explore the important issues, acquaint you with the best (and less attractive) schools, and help you begin to plan your educational and career trajectory.

Micki Lennon

CSU, Chico faculty member Micki Lennon provides you with a guide to exploring the graduate school option. "Thinking About Grad School? A Few Questions You Need to Ask" should be the first thing you read if you are thinking about this option after graduation. Micki's overview will be helpful to students in all majors.

Pursuing Graduate Work in Religion and Religious Studies
You're about to complete your major in religious studies and now want to take a look at academic graduate programs in the field. How should you approach this daunting task? Andrew Flescher

Former CSU, Chico religious studies faculty member Andrew Flescher discusses the idea of "Pursuing Graduate Work in Religion and Religious Studies.” This article will answer the essential questions regarding this professional option.

Graduate Programs in Religious Studies
Links to religious studies programs.

The American Academy of Religion (AAR) is the largest professional organization for teachers and researchers in religious studies and related disciplines. This site is a helpful link to resources for graduate students. Openings, the job search list for professionals in religious studies, will give you an idea of the sorts of jobs and careers available in the field (subscription required).

PhD programs in Religious Studies. Information on all known PhD programs in religious studies offered in North America. Other resources on this page will assist you in sorting out the programs most relevant to you needs, preparation, and interests.

Joel Zimbelman

CSU, Chico faculty member Joel Zimbelman sometimes wonders whether the religious studies grad school option is overemphasized to undergraduate RELS majors. With so many great options for programs of study and careers available, Zimbelman suggests that RELS majors not limit themselves to exploring only graduate study in their major discipline. "Graduate School Options for RELS Majors: Exploring Graduate Programs Outside the Field of Religious Studies" provides you with an overview of the range of other graduate school possibilities.

Grad schools around the world
A comprehensive listing of grad schools in all fields. Search programs by location or subject. Testing, financial aid, visa information.