Accelerated BA

A streamlined three semester course of study

If you are in a hurry to graduate, and you're the kind of person that can focus on one discipline for a sustained period of time, then this accelerated program of study may be for you. It can be shortened even more by enrolling in intersession or summer courses offered by the department or through transfer. The completion of previous G.E. or regular coursework at CSU, Chico or other colleges (including modern and classical languages) can in some cases be counted toward the degree, thus allowing even speedier completion. Please see the description of the BA in religious studies and the Course Schedule for details in constructing your schedule; and visit with our undergraduate advisor at your earliest convenience. The following is a possible program of study. Other options certainly exist.

Semester 1 (Spring): Five classes for 16 units
HUMN 220 Arts and Ideas: Ancient/Medieval (core class) (3 units)
HUMN 222 Arts and Ideas: Modern (core class) (3 units)
First Semester non-Romance/non-Germanic Language or 2nd/3rd semester Romance/Germanic Language (4 units)
Course by Discipline 1 (3 units)
Cultures of Asia, Africa, and the Americas (3 units)

Semester 2 (Fall): Five classes for 15-16 units
HUMN 224 Arts and Ideas: Asia (core class) (3 units)
Second Semester non-Romance/non-Germanic Language or 3rd/4th semester Romance/Germanic Language (3-4 units)
Period/Area Focus Course (3 units)
Course by Discipline 2 (3 units)
Course by Discipline 3 (3 units)

Semester 3 (Spring): Four to Five classes for 10-14 units
HUMN 400 Seminar in Humanities WP (3 units)
RELS 281 Library Research Methods in Comparative Religion and Humanities (core class) (1 unit)
4th semester Romance/Germanic Language (as needed) (4 units)
Course by Discipline 4 (3 units)
Course by Discipline 5 (3 units)

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