Internships and Volunteering


The single best step you can take in creating a job after graduation in a career that is meaningful to you is to participate in an internship in your dream job or in an organization that you find compelling, innovative, or important. For information on how to gain an internship, visit the site of the Chico Career Center. You can also gain elective credit in the major by registering for HUMN 489 Internship in Humanities and working under the supervision of a member of the faculty during your internship. The Humanities Program facilitates such an internship at the 1078 Gallery in Chico.


Helping members of local and international communities with your skills, time, and energy is consistent with the highest values of the cultures of the world as well as with the mission of the University. Volunteering is challenging and personally rewarding. It can prepare you for a lifelong interest in helping others and can even give you necessary experience to pursue a future career. See Community Action Volunteers for Education (CAVE) and Chico, CA Volunteer Opportunities for more information.

Volunteer, Intern, or Work Abroad

Humanities is especially strong in providing students with the tools to work in international settings or with people from other countries. To help people of other countries and perhaps prepare for a career with an international dimension, consider volunteering, interning, and working abroad (pdf). Some volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities last only a few weeks or a summer; others will keep you in one or more countries for a year or more.

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