Counseling & Wellness Center

Brent Henrikson, LMFT


MS, Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy, CSU, Chico (2010)

What motivated you to become a counselor?  

I was drawn to psychology classes in college, but initially chose a different field that didn’t fit for me as well.  Because of that and other factors, I found myself struggling emotionally in my mid 20's.  I started reading and listening to all kinds of “self-help” material and got excited by the idea that we can improve our experience of life by changing our actions and dealing with our thoughts and feelings more skillfully.  I wanted to make my livelihood a place where I could also grow in this way and help others do the same.  I changed career paths to psychology with the support of Chico State’s Counseling and Career centers.  

In your opinion, what’s so great about therapy?

It’s a time when you can put aside all of life’s demands for your attention and effort and turn inward to examine what is truly happening right now, what matters most, who you are, and how you want to live.  A therapist is a guide in helping you do this well.  

What’s the most important thing YOU learned in college (it doesn’t have to be academic!)?

I learned a lot about my values, preferences, passions, and how I relate to my life and to other people.  I also learned that I can set goals, work towards them, and often, accomplish them.

What are some of your reasons for living (a.k.a., hobbies, favorite things, turn-ons)?

I love my profession as a therapist and continuing to grow professionally and personally.  I love hiking and backpacking in nature and have hiked most of the Pacific Crest Trail.  I love to read, study and learn about almost everything.  I enjoy connecting to friends and family in meaningful ways.  

What is your hope for me as your client?

I hope that you will feel joyful and peaceful as much as possible.  

I really liked working with you.  How can I find a therapist who’s just like you (in other words, what’s your theoretical orientation?)?

I try to be compassionate, respectful, and accepting, so that you can feel safe and free to speak openly and feel your emotions.  I try to curiously explore your reality and also share some of my feedback and perspective.  I see everyone as unique and that we also have common human experiences.  

Brent Henrikson

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

On staff since 2014