Jon CaudillDr. Jon Caudill, Executive Director

Dr. Caudill is an Associate Professor, has a Ph.D. in Criminology, is a former juvenile probation officer, and his scholarly work revolves around correctional management of both institutional and community supervision offenders. Dr. Caudill has published approximately 20 peer-reviewed articles and co-authored a book on various correctional programs, the processing of offenders in the criminal justice system, recidivism, and crime policy. Dr. Caudill has approximately five years’ experience as an embedded criminologists, conducting various forms of applied research projects. Dr. Caudill also serves as Associate Editor for Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, serves as an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Criminal Justice, and serves as an ad hoc reviewer for other peer-reviewed academic journals, where he reviews scientific research on a range of topics, including policing strategies, gangs, public policy, therapeutic program evaluations, and organizational behavior.

Ryan PattenDr. Ryan Patten

Ryan Patten is a professor and Associate Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the California State University, Chico. His research focuses on game wardens, community corrections home visits, and the impacts of AB 109 legislation on California county criminal justice agencies. He is also a co-author of Hunting for “Dirtbags”: Why Cops Over-Police the Poor and Racial Minorities (Northeastern University Press). He earned his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Washington State University.

Sally AndersonSally Anderson

Professor Anderson received her J.D. from University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. After practicing as an attorney in the Civil Litigation field, with an emphasis in Workers' Rights, she began her teaching career at Chico State in 2006. Her teaching and research interests are in the field of Public Law.

Matt ThomasMatt Thomas

Professor Matt Thomas earned his Ph.D. at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2000. After spending a year at Temple University as a Visiting Assistant Professor, he joined the faculty of California State University, Chico, in the fall of 2001. Professor Thomas’ research agenda focuses on criminal justice, and also urban public policy. As part of the CPSR, he has contributed to working reports and journal articles that investigate the impact of AB 109, and also spent a sabbatical embedded at Butte County Probation, preparing the way for research interns to enter the agency. Professor Thomas has published on a variety of topics, including police strength, juvenile corrections, policing annual events, attitudes toward concealed weapons on college campuses, and co-authored a book on the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Professor Thomas teaches classes in the areas of criminal justice, public administration, and political science. He is a member of the Butte County Juvenile Justice Commission, and a past member of the Butte County Sherriff’s Parole Board.