Student Opportunities

Although providing faculty members with the opportunity to publish scholarly works in public safety is a CPSR goal, incorporating experiential learning opportunities for students is the equally important second of three legs. As of the Fall 2015, approximately 75 students from multiple degree programs have engaged in experiential learning opportunities with the CPSR. These students conduct various educational activities, including ethnographic observations of correctional deputy / inmate interactions, database management, survey delivery, and participant-observer data collection. Of course, these activities require the CPSR core faculty to train and supervise students in their hands-on learning experiences, but this education strategy gives students the opportunity to develop both intellectually and as stewards of the community. Thus far, the CPSR has been able to fund a handful of student research assistant positions for advanced student collaborators. There is evidence of longer-term success as former CPSR undergraduate Research Assistants have taken full-time positions in offender treatment careers based partially on their work with us.

Some of our programs include:

  • Butte County Sheriff’s Office Alternative Custody Supervision Unit Development
  • Butte County Inmate Needs Study
  • Butte County Probation Department Program Assessment
  • Courtroom observations
  • Content analysis of pre-sentence investigation reports at the Butte Probation Department
  • Second Chance Canine Companions for Veterans
  • Survey offenders regarding their social capital.
  • The Effects of Incarceration on Parental Roles Study