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Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

2015 CSCI, CINS, and Engineering Grads

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Here is an example of big data and applied computer science being used.
This is the best rain map ever created, released by NASA in Feb 2015.


The department prepares students for fulfilling careers in the computing sciences by providing an excellent educational experience within an engaging, friendly, learning community. Our efforts in teaching, research, and service make our department an important regional, national, and international resource center for the advancement of our discipline and for the development of computing and information technology systems and applications.


The Department's Mission is to advance knowledge in the computing sciences by providing our students with the highest quality educational experience. The Department strives to:

  • Provide excellence in teaching;
  • Develop a community of scholars that includes faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Provide service to others;
  • Respond to the changing demands for trained computing professionals.

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Congratulations 2015 Graduates!

Check out the picture of our graduates from 2015!

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