Mandatory Advising

Advising is mandatory for all majors in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management. Meeting with your advisor on a regular basis will facilitate the successful and timely completion of your degree program. Note that mandatory advising applies to graduate students as well as undergraduates. You must meet with your advisor during the mandatory advising period each spring. You are encouraged to touch bases with your advisor during the first few weeks of every semester, even if just to say hello.

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Undergraduate Students

Do the following before meeting with your advisor for mandatory advising:

1) Examine your degree progress report (available through your Portal account)

2) Determine your catalog year - it is the "Plan" year shown at the top of your degree progress report - this line also shows your currently declared major - in this example the student would be under the 2007-2009 catalog:


3) Print a fresh copy of the program flowchart for your major and catalog year

4) Print a copy of the Undergrad Advising Form and follow the directions

Graduate Students

Do the following before meeting with your advisor for mandatory advising:

1) Print a copy of your current transcript (available through your Portal account)

2) Print  two copies of the Grad Advising Form and fill out as much as you can.

Bring these forms when you meet with your advisor. During the advising session, your advisor will sign your proposed schedule. Students who do not have a proposed schedule approved and signed by their advisor will have a registration hold placed on their account, and will not be allowed to register for fall classes. The hold will be removed 24 hours after a schedule signed by an advisor is submitted.