The CSLS hopes to enlarge the lindy/swing scene here in Chico and in the rest of the North Valley.  Have you noticed an increase in the amount of dance events in the surrounding communities?  Us here at the CSLS have certainly taken notice.  For gosh sakes, there are even city-sponsored events in Marysville/Yuba City!  Things are definitely on an up-swing. 
We want to send members of the CSLS to Camp Hollywood every summer, not only to help improve their skills, but also to gather a larger repertoire of variations and swing dances to teach up here.  There will be a group going this August (1st-4th), so ask us about it!

We hope to make the Battle of the Bands event a regular Bi-Annual event that draws in people of all ages from all over the North Valley.

Speaking of the North Valley, we hope that in the near future, members of the CSLS will band together with the outlying communities to form an all-encompassing North Valley Lindy Society.  What a great idea!!!