CSUEU Chico Chapter 302

Our purpose is to maintain the highest possible quality of life of all our members and their families by negotiating a strong living wage, augmented by employer and union benefits. 

Our focus is protecting, maintaining and enhancing wages, hours and working conditions for our bargaining units and represented members. 

Our vision is a time when education becomes such a high statewide priority that funds are generously allocated in each year’s state budget for the CSU to fulfill its loftiest educational goals while providing its staff with consistently excellent salaries and benefits, all for the betterment of California’s future.

Feature Articles

Executive Pay Hikes

Tone-Deaf CSU Board Approves More Massive Executive Pay Hikes


Whistleblower Rights

Have you witnessed improper governmental activities? Wasteful behavior? Gross Misconduct? Incompetency? Inefficiency? If so, are you tired of it but don't know what to do?



Chapter Elections

Nominations are December 3rd, 2014


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CSUEU would like you to participate in some surveys we are conducting to obtain feedback on several issues.
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