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Photo of Georgina Herrera

Georgina Herrera

Photo of GH and Mirta Yáñes

Georgina with author Mirta Yáñez, 2011



Born in Jovellanos in the province of Matanzas in 1936, Georgina Herrera has lived in Havana since before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.  Known as a poet, Herrera has also written for radio and television series and authored numerous dramas in addition to drafting film scripts and a memoir in collaboration with Daisy Rubiera entitled Golpeando la memoria: Testimonio de una poeta cubana afrodescendiente (Ediciones Unión 2005. Her writing revolves around themes of gender, Afro-Cuban history, and the African legacy.  After publishing her first collection of poems, GH, with the press Ediciones El Puente, seven more collections followed: África (Ediciones Manglar y Uvero, 2006), Gentes y cosas (Ediciones Unión,1974), Granos de sol y luna (Ediciones  Unión, 1974), Grande es el tiempo (Ediciones Unión,1989), Gustadas sensaciones  (Ediciones Unión, 1996), Gritos (Torre de Papel, 2004),and Gatos y liebres or Libro de las conciliaciones (Ediciones Unión, 2010).  Her work has been translated to various languages and has won much recognition abroad and in Cuba.