General Education Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) Committee

2017-2018 General Education Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) 


Christopher Nichols – College of Natural Sciences

Faculty Representatives

Patrick Doyle – College of Agriculture

TBD – College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Gary Braun – College of Business

Paula Selvester – College of Communication and Education

Pablo Cornejo-Warner – College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management

Christine Goulding – College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Christopher Nichols – College of Natural Sciences

Irene Korber – Library

Pathway Coordinators

Rachel Middleman – Diversity Studies 

Chiara Ferrari – Ethics, Justice, and Policy 

Diana Flannery – Food Studies 

Kate Transchel – Gender and Sexuality

Sarah Anderson – Global Development Studies

Laird Easton – Great Books and Ideas

Jason Clower – Health and Wellness

Kent Sandoe (Interim) – International Studies

Zanja Yudell – Science, Technology, and Values

Don Miller – Sustainability


Chiara Ferrari – Education Policies and Programs Committee

Ex-Officio Members

Kaitlyn Baumgartner Lee – Academic Advising Programs

Kate McCarthy – Provost Designee

Student Representative

Becca Chanes

General questions can be referred to the General Education Advisory Board

From EM 10-001 Approval of General Education Program:


Administrative Structure

The CAB (Curriculum Advisory Board) will be responsible for making recommendations to the Provost or designee on the implementation, monitoring, and development of the GE program. In consultation with appropriate disciplinary faculty, it is responsible for the coordination of assessment and the addition or deletion of individual courses as well as any proposed substitutions. Since CAB will advise the Provost on a major university program, it may either initiate advice or respond to requests for advice. This committee will comprise:

  • Eight Faculty Representatives - One representative elected by and from each college and one by and from the library. (two year staggered terms, renewable)
  • Pathway Coordinators - Pathway coordinators receive release time for overseeing the coherence and breadth of pathways and participation on CAB; a coordinator may also serve concurrently as an elected college representative (two year staggered terms, renewable)
    • One selected from the Academic Senate's Educational Policies and Programs Committee (one year term, renewable twice)
    • Two ex-officio members -- one Provost designee and one member of the Academic Advising Programs
    • One student representative selected by the AS President (one year term, renewable)

The CAB chair will be elected annually from the faculty representatives and will receive release time for coordinating the committee's work.

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