Capstone Course Substitutions

The following courses have been approved as Capstone Course Substitutions*

AGRI 482 - BS Agriculture, BS Agricultural Business, BS Animal Science

ANTH 495 - BA Anthropology

ARTS 592 - BA Art, BA Liberal Studies

CHLD 495 - BA Child Development, BA Liberal Studies & Child Development (Double Major)

CHLD 495H - BA Child Development (Honors in the Major)

CIVL 595 - BS Civil Engineering (Effective Fall 2013)

CMSD 435 - BA Communication Sciences & Disorders

CSCI 301 - BS Computer Science, BS Computer Information Systems

ECON 495 - BA Economics

EECE 490A - BS Computer Engineering, BS Electrical/Electronic Engineering

HCSV 425 - BS Health Science

HIST 490 - BA History

HUMN 400 - BA Humanities

LAST 495 - BA Latin American Studies, BA Social Science, Minor in Latin American Studies

MECA 440A - BS Mechatronic Engineering, Minor in Manufacturing

MECH 440A - BS Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Manufacturing

NFSC 429 - BS Nutrition & Food Sciences, Minor Foodservice Administration

NURS 422  - BS Nursing (Effective Fall 2013)

NURS 422W - BS Nursing (Effective Fall 2013)

POLS 429 - BA Political Science

POLS 459D - BA Criminal Justice (Effective Fall 2014)

POLS 471B - BA Public Administration, BA in Social Science

PSYC 399H - BA Psychology (Honors in the Major)

PSYC 401 - BA Psychology

RECR 400 - BA Recreation Administration, Certificate in Museum Studies (Effective Fall 2014)

RELS 482 - BA Religious Studies

SOCI 441 - BA Sociology

SOCI 441H - BA Sociology (Honors in the Major)

SOSC 495 - BA Social Science

SOSC 495H - BA Social Science (Honors in the Major)

 *Effective Fall 2012 unless otherwise noted.


To apply to have a course considered as a Capstone Substitution, please complete the Capstone Course Substitution Application.  Applications are accepted year round.  See the Catalog Deadlines page for the deadline to have the substitution effective the next catalog cycle.    

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