Writing Intensive Course Substitutions

The following courses have been approved as Writing Intensive Course Substitutions*

ACCT 421 - BS Business Administration, Minor in Accounting

ACCT 558 - Professional Accounting Certificate

ACCT 568 - Professional Accounting Certificate

CHEM 381 - BA Chemistry, BS Biochemistry, BS Chemistry

CMST 331 - BA Communication Studies, Minor in Communication Studies (Effective Fall 2013)

ENGL 335 - BA English, Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking, Minor in English

GEOG 390 - BA Geography

HIST 290 - BA History

JOUR 260 - BA Journalism, BS Agriculture, BS Nutrition & Food Science, BS Recreation Administration, Certificate in Electronic Printing & Publishing, Minor in Broadcasting, Minor in Journalism

JOUR 321 - BA Journalism, Minor in Journalism

JOUR 341 - BA Journalism, BS Agriculture, Minor in Journalism

MATH 420 - BS Mathematics

PHIL 108 - BA Philosophy

PHIL 420 - BA Philosophy, Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking, Minor in Ethics

PHIL 421 - BA Philosophy, Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking

SMFG 352 - BS Concrete Industry Management, BS Sustainable Manufacturing, Minor in Managing for Sustainability

 *Effective Fall 2014 unless otherwise noted.


To apply to have a course considered as a Writing Intensive Substitution, please complete the Writing Intensive Course Substitution Application.  Applications are accepted year round.  See the Catalog Deadlines page for the deadline to have the substitution effective the next catalog cycle. 

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