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Text of a 5/26/99 memo from Caroline Aldrich, Director, Academic Advising Services

Subject: Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

Executive Memorandum 99-03: Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), dated February 4, 1999, revises Chico's upper division writing requirement. Item 3 under "Responsibilities of Academic Departments" states, "It is the responsibility of each academic department to develop . . . a provision to certify the writing of students who have transferred WP course content only from another institution."

The following procedures should be used in the graduation clearance process by departments, evaluators, and advisers to certify the writing of students when WP content is transferred from other schools. Note that the same process should be used when you approve any WP course substitutions, even when it's via another course at Chico.

1. At the time the department and the student are working together to prepare the major clearance form for submission to Evaluations, if the adviser agrees to authorize the student to substitute a transfer course to meet the major content requirement normally associated with Chico's writing proficiency course, the department will clearly annotate the major clearance form with the following information:

a. That the student has met or will meet the writing requirement (GWAR) by a method and at a standard established in the policy and procedures developed by the department in accordance with AAO 99-03. The method will be indicated separately on the major clearance form.

b. With the college of origin and course ID of the course which meets the major content requirement normally associated with Chico's WP course.

c. See the attached example of appropriate notations.

2. If the student appeals to take a transfer course to meet the major content requirement normally associated with Chico's writing proficiency course after the major clearance papers have been submitted to Evaluations, the department may certify the same information via an e-mail message to: evaluations@csuchico.edu

(This situation would usually occur if the student were to leave Chico without having completed the WP course.)

For assistance in preparing major clearance forms, feel free to call Academic Evaluations at ext 5957.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, please contact Academic Advising at ext 5712. Thank you.

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