Michael Spiess

College of Agriculture
Irrigation Training Facility
Center for Water and the Environment

Research Interests

Dr. Spiess’ research interests are water conservation and measurement, GIS, web-based instruction, teacher retention, and agricultural curriculum. He has grants in progress dealing with water conservation (Bureau of Reclamation), water measurement (ARI), canal modeling (ARI), and irrigation scheduling (ARI). In addition he consults on grants for ground water modeling and precision agriculture.

Research Projects

PI’s: Michael Spiess
Title: Use of ET Controllers in Nut Crops
Funding Agency: ARI
Dates: 2012-2014 
Award Amount: $20,000

PI’s: Michael Spiess
Title: Water Conservation
Funding Agency: BOR
Dates: 2010-2015 
Award Amount: $500,000

PI’s: Charles Burt (CalPoly, SLO)
Title: Improved Management of Agricultural Irrigation Canal Deliveries
Funding Agency: ARI
Dates: 2012-2015 
Award Amount: $475,000

PI’s: Dan Howes (CalPoly, SLO)
Title: Improving Flow Measurement Accuracy at Farm Delivery Gates in California
Funding Agency: ARI
Dates: 2012-2014 
Award Amount: $570,000

Research Areas

Agriculture, Water