Rachel Teasdale

Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
Center for Water and the Environment

Research Interests

Dr.Teasdale’s research is based on physical processes in volcanology, primarily focused on the emplacement of lava flows. This has included work on the emplacement and crystallization of lavas erupted in northern California (Lovejoy Basalt), in the Galapagos Islands, and from Mt. Cameroon. Teasdale also examines crystallization processes with experiments that replicate magma conditions in the conduit during eruption.

Dr. Teasdale’s recent work has been inspired by collaborations with students and other faculty from California State University, Chico on projects related to monitoring the hydrothermal systems at volcanoes in northern California and in Costa Rica. Additional work includes the emplacement conditions of the debris flows of the Tuscan Formation, the distribution of Nomlaki Pyroclastic Flow units in Northern California.

Research Areas