Costa Rica Volcanoes

A group of Chico State students are in collaboration with Drs. Rachel Teasdale, Dave Brown, Jim Pushnik, and Jim Houpis (now the Provost at CSU, East Bay), to study the effects of volcanic gas plumes at Turrialba Volcano, Central Costa Rica, on the surrounding vegetation. Gas plumes emitted from the volcano are suspected to cause the vegetation in the surrounding areas to die off.

Grant Funded Research

  • Drs. Teasdale and Brown were awarded NSF funding to monitor water temperatures from hydrothermal systems surrounding Costa Rican volcanoes.
  • CWE awarded a seed grant to the team of collaborators in order to measure gases emitted from Turrialba and to monitor the air and vegetation in, and around, the kill zone. The team collected volcanic gases, installed an air monitoring network, and collected foliage samples.
  • CWE awarded funds to analyze air and vegetation samples. The equipment to take these air samples will be left in place for longer sampling periods, and will then be recovered by Costa Rican colleagues and mailed to Chico for analyses.