Life History of Galling Aphids

Dr. Don Miller leads research about the life-history of galling aphids. In plant-insect evolutionary interactions, phylogenetic and ecological effects can act synergistically in generating biological diversity of the phytophagous insects attacking them. This research investigates the relative importance of both processes in generating novel host-plant races or full species in a galling aphid system comprising both gall-inducers and congeneric inquilines.

Grant Funded Research

  • 2010 National Science Foundation Research Opportunity Award: Adaptive Radiation of a Gall-Midge-Fungus Mutualism in a Multi-Trophic Context (MILLER Collaboration with Patrick Abbot, Vanderbilt University).
  • 2010 CSU, Chico Research Foundation: The Effects of Parasitism and Population Structure on Biological Diversification in a Galling Aphid Model System.
  • CWE awarded a seed grant to a team of collaborators, Drs. Don Miller, Colleen Hatfield, Chris Ivey, and Patrick Abbot (Vanderbilt University), to study the effects of non-trophic interactions and population structure on host race formation in a galling aphid system.