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Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker

Officially Speaking...

Anthony was born and raised in Stockton California, graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Japanese language and after graduation he decided to return to Japan to explore one of his greatest sources of artistic inspiration.

This excursion ended up becoming 7 years of odd English jobs, as well as a lot of translation and design work. But soon Anthony decided to go back to school, earning his MFA in Design from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2007.

From there, a series of twists and turns took him from a stint as International Director of a Tokyo Contemporary Art gallery, then back to the US to work as a Specialist in Japanese Art at a major New York auction house. In all his endeavors, communication and creativity are at the forefront of what he does, and Anthony is very happy to say that he is here in Chico and back to pursuing his passion for design.

...and unofficially...

Most Unusual/Worst Job

While I was an exchange student in Tokyo during my time as an undergrad, I worked teaching English to children all over Japan over the phone from a call center in Shinjuku. The lessons were always short (10-15 minutes max.) and most included a song at the end; my personal favorite was the ‘Hot Dog Song’.

After a year of that job I’d had enough, but at roughly $40/hr. it certainly helped get me through school so I really can't complain…

Favorite Comfort Food

A well extracted macchiato or latte. I nerd out on coffee but its probably an extension of my general love of craft. A perfect morning usually starts with good coffee in my Banzai Institute mug…

Favorite Art Medium

I love photography. I have maintained a private practice as an artist with a focus in photography for more than 10 years (see for more).

I think it’s the immediacy of it and the way that you’re able to construct a narrative simply by plucking patterns of light and shadow out of our reality and giving them finite borders.

I prefer using mostly film in my own work because I love the unpredictability of it, and I feel there is also something inherently profound about purposefully committing an image to celluloid in a time when delete buttons makes it so easy to forget.

I also love antique equipment and alternative techniques. I hope to do more experimentation with wet-plate collodion when I have the chance.

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