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Jordan Layman

Jordan Layman


Jordan is a Chico local and Chico State alumni with a BS in Web Marketing. He's been building websites since 2001 and is proficient in many front and back-end technologies. His passion lies in crafting effective and obliging user interfaces and he thinks programming should be fun!


Favorite outdoor activity?

Bidwell Park is my favorite place to find myself! Sometimes I feel like my well being is mostly dependent on whether or not I've rode my bike through the park enough in the past week. I also love playing frisbee and swimming in the creeks!

Favorite art medium?

Sound. I love sound and, more specifically, bass. Since discovering dubstep, I've become deeply involved in the modern era of bass music and the culture churning and forming around it. Music continues to evolve at an accelerated rate. Genres are born and mature in a matter of years instead of decades and I find this continuously fascinating!

Ever meet anyone famous?

I once had the privilege of meeting the visionary artist Alex Grey. He's responsible for some amazing and inspiring pieces of work. We spoke for 10-15 minutes and I was impressed by his very welcoming and generous disposition. More on Alex Grey...

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