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Laura Kling

Laura Kling

Officially Speaking...

Laura has more than 30 years of design experience in a variety of media, and a BA and MA under her belt. She was the art director for IMC Graphics on campus from 1990-2008, and is currently the art director for Web Services and supervisor for Web Services. She has taught design and prepress classes in the Communication Design department and lead workshops in a variety of media.

...and unofficially...

Most unusual job

When I was in junior high my dad owned a light aircraft flight service. To maintain top speed, grime regularly had to be removed from the bottom of the planes. Having no brothers to do this grungy task, it fell to me. Donning a pair of goggles, I'd lay on my back and roll under the plane, and proceed to spray and wipe until all the grime was gone—all for $1.50 a plane bottom. Certainly not my worse job (that would be Jack-in-the-Box), but definitely the most unusual.

Favorite dessert

There is no such thing. So little time and so many yummy desserts. I like them all as long as they're made with real ingredients and don't come in a package labeled Hostess or Little Debbie. I'm currently enamored with Lindt Excellence Chili Bars, a sassy blend of chili and dark chocolate, although some may consider that a tasty snack and not a real dessert.

Favorite art medium

These days it's metal. I'm learning all about jewelry metalsmithing, and it's a boatload of fun, and I get to play with torches.

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