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Ron Linzy

Ron Linzy

Officially Speaking...

Ron is a Chico State graduate and has been working as a designer since 2002. He started his career in the Sacramento area working at design and advertising studios. In 2006 he opened up a design office in Chico. Currently he is Graphic Design Services Art Director in Academic Technologies. Ron enjoys working with campus-based clients and helping design interns to grow and become more self confident.


If you could be a super hero, what power would you like to have?

To incapacitate an assailant's body, rendering them immobile through mind control. But then be able to restore and heal that person with a beam of light. And, of course, to lift a couple thousand pounds over my head would be nice, too.

Favorite movie or genre?

Most things from the years 1968 to the mid 1980s, particularly martial arts flicks, coming of age movies, and documentary art films. Anything where the underdog overcomes and prevails.

Best way to spend a Sunday?

Best way to spend a Sunday is knowing I have Monday off. It puts me in a free state of mind and anything becomes fun. Usually a run in the park, or a short trip out of town can bring the best out of a Sunday.

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