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To continue the high quality and consistent style of university publications and website's, we offer links to information that will guide you in the CSU, Chico's University standards, styles, requirements, and policies.

University Standards

Graphic Standards for Print
This page defines the university graphic standards for visual consistency in printed materials.

Graphic Standards for Web
When publishing on the web, visual consistency can be maintained by following the guidelines for all University sites.

Web Accessibility
The accessibility page provides information and requirements for websites to conform to the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI). An initiative from the Chancellor's Office, ATI requires that all CSU campuses "provide access to information resources and technologies to individuals with disabilities."

Writing Style Guide
Read about how to follow the University's editorial style for the consistent use of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviations, as well as the selection of headings and the use of numbers.


Website Change Request Policy
To request a change or report an error on the university website's top level pages, use the Change Request Form.

Photo Policy
This page defines the policy about taking photos on campus. This includes who may take them, what they can be used for, when you need to obtain permission and from whom. Information is also included on campus photography services.


How to Be a Web Contributor
Learn about the necessary information for having a site on the university web server. Sites for individuals, student groups, and some older sites reside on the university server and can be created or edited through Adobe Dreamweaver.

Web Page Publishing Guidelines
This guide explains the campus requirements for publishing on the web. Includes technical requirements, visual style, writing tips, and the university web page review process.

Social Media Guide
If you are branching out into social media, this guide gives a brief overview of the University's policies having to deal with social media sites. Defined by the specific social media platforms available to you, this page gives a description on the particulars of creating a 'group' or 'page' specific to your target audience that falls in line with university standards.