Benefits of Standards

Visual standards tie together and unify all departments on campus, strengthen University Branding, increase usability by consistent placement of navigational elements, and reduce costs by supplying standard templates.

University Standards and Templates

University Standards and Templates

Web Services offers anything from a conversion to a University Template, to a complete website makeover, and all things in between. Click on the headings below to view examples of different options. All sites will meet University and web standards, accessibility requirements, and will be proofed for spelling, grammar, and University-style adherence. All sites will also have Google Analytics installed to track usage.

The examples on this page show websites implemented in the Web Content Management System (WCMS), which is the University Standard. If you have a compelling reason your site should not, or cannot, be in the WCMS, we do offer the templates in a Dreamweaver format by request. The templates are no longer download-able from our website. You may not be allowed to implement your site in the WCMS if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • You are a faculty member, staff, or student who wants a personal website.
  • You want a new website for a student organization.
  • Your site is a web application with a database on the back-end, this includes e-commerce sites.

If you think your site may fall into any of the above categories, please include that information when filling out our online service request form. We will determine if it is appropriate to supply Dreamweaver templates to you instead.

University Standard

The University's design standard for websites is based on the top level pages, beginning with the Chico State Home Page, which have all gone through the current redesign process. This design standard is required for all departments and administrative units. There are a variety of options using the university standard starting with a template and graduating to a customized site. View the required elements for different design options.



University Standard Templates

A standard template site uses one of the four university-approved standard templates. The generic campus photos can be replaced with ones of your own choosing. This process can also involve reorganizing and streamlining your site's content to make it more user friendly. Using a University Template is the most time and cost effective method of redesigning your site. View additional information on basic templates.

Template Features

  • Navigation options: department quicklinks, plus a quote, or highlight; you may also choose to keep the area below the main navigation, or to the right of the content, empty.
  • Content region options: text, text plus embedded photos, or graphics with links (i.e. to a video that will pop up in a lightbox).
  • Home page options: one or more in any combination: photo or video, news, events.

Click on the thumbnails below to view each template.

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

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University Standard Customized Template

A customized template starts with the standard University Template but, with adjustments in color, photos, graphics, banners, etc., the design can be made to suit your needs. A customization also involves reorganizing the content to suit your audience. View additional information on customized templates.

Click on the thumbnails below to view each customized template.

Custom Design with University Branding

A custom design provides a new and unique look to your site; the reorganizing of your content and navigation may also be customized. This design will loosely adhere to the campus branding standards but will be noticeably distinctive to fit the needs of your audience. View the required elements for customized sites. View additional information on university custom designs.

Click on the thumbnails below to view each custom design.

Custom Design without University Branding

Programs and affiliate organizations which have their own identity in the community may benefit from a custom design without university branding. View additional information on custom designs with no university branding.

Click on the thumbnails below to view each custom design.