Planning a Timeline?

To plan a project with a firm delivery date, work backwards from your due date by applying milestone dates to the end of each step. We can provide a tentative timeline for discussion when preparing an estimate.

Working with Timelines

Working with Timelines

For Web Services

When Web Services develops a new website there are many steps involved which are completed in a systematic way. The client receives a price estimate and a tentative timeline. This timeline depends on all processes going as planned and on schedule; if the project is larger than anticipated; if there is more design, editing, or photography than planned; if there is more content or last-minute changes made; or if the content is not ready on time, or approvals are not received, then the project timeline will have to be pushed back to accommodate the lapses or extra work.

It is important to plan in advance, especially if there is a specific date the site must be finished. Often creating or updating the content takes clients longer than anticipated, and it is important that this task is planned for and completed on time. An outline of the information (site map) that will be on your site will be created to guide you with the content collection process.

For Print

Contact us ahead of time so we can schedule your project. Our design service can take three to six weeks. Printing with mailing can take up to four weeks.  If you miss your place in our production schedule, you risk missing the printing deadline. Please contact us for rescheduling if you anticipate delays.

Graphic Design

Depending on the time of the year, it can take from one week up to two months before a student designer is available to start your project, so advanced planning and scheduling are very important. Once a project is in the studio, turn-around time can vary depending on the size of the project, how much proofing/editing is required, and whether photo services are needed.

Printing and Reproduction

We will help you determine the best way for your project to be reproduced. We are very knowledgeable in all the requirements from the various service centers and printing firms so we can find the best way to complete your job.


How will it be distributed? If mailed, contact University Print Services, 530-898-5992, for information on bulk mailing and label printing, or the Mail Services, 530-898-5326.