Don't know HTML?

Sites built in the Web Content Management System (WCMS or Cascade Server) allow departments to easily edit their own site’s content using a browser interface without any html needed.

Website Development

Website Development

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Campus Web Templates

In June 2010, the new campus web templates became available for use by all campus departments in the Web Content Management System (WCMS). There are many advantages to using these templates.

  • There are four different designs to choose from
  • They comply with all university design and branding standards
  • They comply with all web standards (XHTML, CSS, etc.)
  • They comply with all Section 508 accessibility standards, as required by the CSU-wide Accessible Technology Initiative
  • They use a standard set of HTML code that makes it relatively easy to change designs
  • View the 2010 Web templates

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

For the past two years the University has been migrating most of its websites to the Web Content Management System, an integrated system that provides a uniform style, and the ability to update your site through a web-browser interface.

To have your site moved into the WCMS as is, contact Web Services at

To have your site moved into the WCMS with customization or restructuring, contact Web Services through the Request Form.


Self-help resources for the WCMS

Dreamweaver Sites

Although any web editor can be used, most faculty and staff websites are created in Adobe Dreamweaver, (as well as some department sites that have not yet migrated to the new WCMS). Campus support for Dreamweaver is limited to training and self-help resources.

Web Tutorials

If you are just learning about web publishing, Dreamweaver, or accessibility issues, there are online resources to help you.

  • Dreamweaver Job Aids A set of tutorials in the wiki focused on using Dreamweaver to create and manage a website.
  • W3schools A good overview of all the elements and technologies that go into web pages. Lots of tutorials on a variety of subjects
  • Dreamweaver Tutorials Step-by-step tutorials by Adobe on the basics of creating web pages and managing websites using Dreamweaver.
  • Dreamweaver Video Tutorials Video tutorials by Adobe on the basics of creating web pages and managing websites using Dreamweaver.
  • HTML Tutorial A guided tutorial, the basics to advanced, HTML topics, with quizzes.
  • Cascading Style Sheet Tutorial A guided tutorial on basic to advanced CSS topics, including quizzes and reference.
  • Training for Accessible Web Sites Tips and tutorials for creating accessible content
  • The Web Glossary A glossary of common web terms that will make understanding web jargon a little easier.

Design and content

Accessibility Remediation