Search Help

Search Help

Search Basics

Locate the Search box in the upper, right-hand corner of any Chico State web page. Simply type the term(s) you are looking for into the Search box and either press ENTER or click on "Go", or the magnifier glass image.

image of search box

The CSU, Chico search box uses Google technology for its search capabilities. As a result, our search uses the same basic rules that Google does.

Searching the University Catalog

To search the University Catalog instead of the University Web site, simply select "Catalog" in the "Search In:" drop-down list. Type in your search term, and click on "Go".

Multiple Terms

If you want to search for something that requires more than one term, simply enter both terms into the search box. You do not need to use "AND" when searching for multiple terms.


Search for "student" and "jobs" and return all pages that include both those words in any combination.

Right: student jobs
Wrong: student AND jobs


If you want to search for a specific phrase where all words are present in a specific order, place quotation marks around all the words in the phrase.


Search for the exact phrase "student employment office" and eliminate all results that include these words but not in this exact order.

Right: "student employment office"
Wrong: student employment office

Tip: You can combine phrases and regular terms in the same search: "student employment office" summer jobs.

This But NOT That

If you want to search for a specific term but want to eliminate results with another term, simply place a minus sign (-) before the term you want to eliminate from the results.


Search for the word "communication" but eliminate all results where "communication" occurs with "design."

Right: communication -design
Wrong: communication - design (note extra space after "-")

Limiting Your Search to a Specific Department

The CSU, Chico Web site consists of nearly 100,000 pages. Finding a specific result can be difficult. You can increase your chances of success by limiting the search to a specific department.

To limit the scope of your search to a single department, simply add "" to your search, where "dept" is the root URL for the department in question.


Right: graphic arts ("cdes" is the URL for the Communication Design Department)
Wrong: graphic arts site: (extra space after "site:")

Tip: If you don't know the URL to use, search for the desired department name first. The first result should be the department's home page, including their root URL (e.g., Psychology Department = - "psy" is the root URL)

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