Photo Tip

Photos from a website are low resolution and are not suitable for print.

Graphic Design Pricing and Guidelines

Graphic Design Pricing and Guidelines


We offer graphic support services for faculty and staff for campus-related projects. Fees are charged on an hourly rate, plus materials.

We can provide you with a range estimate before your project begins. If a project deviates from the original specifications or an unusual number of changes are requested, you will be notified of the additional costs.

Clients need to provide a short charge authorization form (CAF) at the beginning of each project. Additional short CAFs are necessary if your project requires photography services or other special printing.

To print your project, we will submit the job, and all the specifications, to Print Services. They will enter your job in their online order system and will contact you, independently from Graphic Design Services, for payment.

Submitting text and photos

Guidelines have been established to help keep your costs down.

Submitting Text

Text needs to be edited in advance. Everyone involved in the project (e.g. committee members, department chairs, deans) should have input and approval before submitting text to Graphics. Extensive changes or additions after the project has been electronically produced will cause delays. You are responsible for final sign-off on all projects.

  • Text needs to be in electronic format. We can accept text on disks or via e-mail.
  • Any changes should be marked on the mock-ups supplied by Graphics after the layout process.
  • Please do not type in all caps, or use a lowercase "l" for a one.
  • Please do not try to position text using multiple spaces or returns.
  • Do not include charts, graphics, or photos in the text, and remove all page breaks.


You are welcome to provide high quality photos for your project, however we'll be happy to find photos for you. If electronic files are being submitted, please provide the highest resolution image possible, 300 dpi at actual size. Do not take photos off of web sites as they will not reproduce well.

Newsletters and Magazines

To avoid confusion please use these guidelines when submitting materials for multiple-page projects such as newsletters and magazines.

  • Each article should be in its own text file.
  • Photos and captions should be attached to the article.
  • Provide a master sheet with a list of all the articles and suggestions about on what page they should be placed.
  • You may be asked to cut or edit text if it does not all fit.

Proofing and Sign-off

For projects to be completed on time, it is vital that clients return proofs and information in a timely manner. After the project has been constructed the client will receive a copy for review. We will meet with you to discuss possible changes. Please check against the text that was submitted and return the proofed mock-up for corrections. It is possible for a project to have several rounds of corrections.

Some projects will need to be sent to campus editing before it is printed to ensure accuracy and that University styles are being met. There is no charge for the campus editor.The client will proof again, using campus editing's corrections as a guide. Please be sure that everything is absolutely correct. Once you examine and sign off on that final copy of the project, you are taking complete responsibility for any errors in the final printing.